Alberto Romano Ocean Pool

The Alberto Romano Ocean Pool is a fun alternative to the many sandy beaches along the promenade near Cascais. It’s popular amongst locals, free to use and great for families.

Piscina Oceânica Alberto Romano, Avenida Marginal 1, Cascais, Portugal

Along the promenade near Cascais, amongst the many different sandy beaches, is a different option for a dip in the sea. In front of the Hotel Estoril-Sol there is a manmade, ocean filled pool.

With steps built down in to the water and a short wall blocking it off from the rest of the sea, the pool is a perfect alternative to the beach. It’s not completely blocked off from the natural currents so the water is always refilling during high tides and creating a fresh, clean place to have a swim.

The pool is slightly off the beaten path as it tends to be overshadowed by the beaches and is often used more by locals than tourists.


Entrance to the pool is free and there is a restaurant on the terrace just above that serves food and drinks. It would be a great option for parents who wanted to have a drink at the bar while still keeping a close eye on their kids in the enclosed pool.

It’s only a short (5 minute) walk from the Cascais train station and close to many other beaches should you decide you miss the sand and waves.

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