São Julião beach

Picturesque beach next to Ericeira – hidden behind the rocks, attracts swimmers and surfers throughout the year

Praia de São Julião, Sintra, Portugal

São Julião is one of the beaches located a few kilometres from Ericeira, also easily accessible by car from Lisbon, Sintra or surrounding areas.

The beach is not easily seen from the road (so just follow the signs) but when you reach it, you will find yourself in a truly picturesque area. The Atlantic ocean is right in front of you, and the cliffs are behind. As the beach is out of the city or port, the water is even cleaner. You can come there to do watersports, for swimming and sunbathing, or just a walk along the coast line.

São Julião has good conditions for surfing, for beginners as well as for lords of the boards, so it one of the favorite beaches of surf schools located in Ericeira. At same time, it is also good for a family lazy beach day just overlooking the beautiful scenery and enjoying the sea.


There is a restaurant at the entrance to the beach to have some food or drink. The area further from the restaurant is usually less crowded, so it is worth taking a walk along the coast to get more privacy.

A shower with fresh water is available next to the restaurant. A spacious parking lot can be found next to the beach so leaving your car should not be a problem. You can as well take a beach bus from Ericeira to reach São Julião.

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