Editorial rules

We’ve embraced a user-led approach.

We get our insights from web and social media analytics, and we interact directly with people visiting Lisbon area to decide on added value contents and articles.

Despite our name welovelisbon.net we have a nice geographical spread on Lisbon district reaching everything that matters within a short travel distance. Being such a rich and diverse region, we also try hard to have content for different types of visitors avoiding being all things to all people.

Content eligibility

We are a tourism/travel portal for Lisbon region and we list only relevant things to do, where to eat and places to stay. We love the real, original, traditional and historic, those are the things that make Lisbon so interesting and keep people coming.

Our contents are all curated and refreshed on a regular basis, we want to make sure our readers get up to date and relevant information.

Non-proffits and tourist attractions

We want to list all the relevant points of interest to our followers and we are working hard to get them all listed. Please contact us if you have any suggestion.


We work hard to ensure all the contents and information is accurate, up to date and in line with relevant regulations, but we cannot be held responsible for any accidents of misadventure that might arise.

Next step: let’s work together.