Cruzes Credo

A spot of modern tastes in the heart of Alfama, Lisbon’s medieval district, with delicious options for breakfast, brunch, light meals or a late dinner.

Rua Cruzes da Sé, 29 1100 Lisbon


} Mon-Sun, 10:30am-2am

The name is an expression similar to ‘Goodness gracious’, and it has been called ‘an attempt at a dairy shop that stays open until late’ (2am).

The meals are inspired by European and Mediterranean gastronomy and the staff promises that if you eat one of their hamburgers, you won’t be able to eat their chocolate cake – although you may feel like trying if you notice the look of it!

It’s located along a road that slides down from the Lisbon’s Cathedral and into the typical neighbourhood of Alfama.


With a decoration that calls for the city’s colours (dark yellow, white and black), stone walls and industrial looking lighting, it sets the mood for some good sandwiches with a natural juice or a glass of wine.

At the seating area outside, by the time the sun has set, you can feel completely immersed in the actual fusion between the typical Lisbon lifestyle and the modern times that fuel the city with youth.

Stay long enough, electro and jazz will stream through the speakers, creating an amazing environment to sip a caipirinha or a gin.

Here’s a fair warning: there’s no table service, so order at the counter and take your poison to the nearest free table or outside to the outdoor seating area.

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