Gelato Davvero Ice Cream Shop

You have been wandering and enjoying for hours the lively streets of Lisbon’s downtown, and obviously you need a sweet refreshing break?

Praça São Paulo 1, 1200 - 425 Lisboa

929 165 208

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In Cais do Sodré, right next to Mercado da Ribeira and the famous Pink street, you can taste the best ice-cream of all times.

Surrounded by magnificent and historical Saint Paul Square, Gelato Davvero (which means ‘Real Ice – Cream’ in Italian) is the new must-taste place in Lisbon: the omnipresent line of people patiently waiting for their turn, reaches outside the store, and leaves no doubt about it.

The two owners creative minds, Filippo businessman and master of flavours, and Riccardo art director and graphic designer, gave rise to an innovative art of making ice cream, mostly gluten and lactose free.
Their aim is to create a delightful product made with high quality natural ingredients, both Portuguese and Italian, without any artificial additive, only by following centenary techniques and delicious recipes.


Simple and very colourful interiors, with artistic printed graphics on the walls, you can savour a huge ice – cream sitting comfortably inside or outside, in a lovely relaxing ambience perfect for friends, couples or families.

The homemade authentic gelato is served in generous portions, and they offer a big choice of flavours, some traditional and some unusual as cheesecake, parmesan or sardine…all excellent!
Don’t judge until you have tried them: in this regard, the staff is happy for you to taste some samples before you make a decision.
And you will discover that all flavours are amazingly good!

A sweet place that combines Italian tradition and Portuguese gastronomy, quality products and a smile, tasting an ice cream at the highest level.

That’s why their favourite quote is ‘La vita è bella, ma con un gelato è bellissima!’ (‘Life is beautiful, but with an ice cream it becomes gorgeous!’).

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