Pastel do Fado

If you want to get a taste of Fado for the first time, this restaurant is a great choice – and won’t ruin your budget.

Largo do Limoeiro 10 1100 Lisbon


} Sun-Thu, 1pm-10:30pm / Fri-Sat, 1pm-11:30pm

Located in Alfama, where it’s believed Fado has its origins, they feature a new generation of singers and offer traditional Portuguese food at reasonable prices.

The rustic interior exudes the atmosphere of a traditional tavern, with genuine wine barrels used as tables and typical wood stools.

The menu has traditional ‘petiscos’ (Portuguese tapas) and full hearty meals. Try the typical Portuguese soup, Caldo Verde, a kale soup served with some slices of chorizo. Black pork skews are also a crowd pleaser.


Their speciality, the ‘Pastel do Fado’, is a crispy pastry tart available in three varieties – cream, ice cream and codfish filling. The cream one is the typical ‘pastel de nata’.

Unlike most Fado houses, you don’t need a reservation. Pop in at any hour of the day and Portuguese food and wine will be waiting for you, as well as the tunes of Fado. And you can either stay longer and enjoy a full meal or just snack.

From September on, the live performances take place from Mon-Fri (8pm-10pm) and Sat-Sun (1pm-3pm and 8pm-10pm). During the high season, they’re open till 3 am on weekends.

After a day exploring the narrow streets of Alfama & Graça, this is a great place to relax and soak in the local atmosphere.

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